Our Future: So Much to Come!

     One-Act Fest NW provides WICA a powerful way to engage the community.  In future seasons, we seek to expand the performances into additional venues, grow the educational component for all ages and interest levels, and bring in fresh, high-level talent from all over the region and beyond -- all while keeping the local flavor that makes this place so special.

     You'll be seeing artists in residence and added mentorships, theme-focused series, innovative new classes, collaborations with local, theatre-loving businesses, and more.

     We encourage your input and feedback to help keep this unique festival something to which you'll look forward every year.  Whether it's learning how to create a character or understand the light board, participating in a read-through of a work in progress, or simply taking in a multitude of varied theatrical experiences, we do hope you'll join us.  One-Act Fest NW is here for you!

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