In rehearsal

Other Desert Cities in rehearsal


Deana Duncan: Brooke Wyeth
Shelley Hartle: Polly Wyeth

Heather Ogilvy: Silda Grauman
Andrew Grenier: Lyman Wyeth
David Mayer: Trip Wyeth

Under the direction of Andrew Grenier, this cast is outstanding. What the photos don't tell you is that these actors are completely believable as a family unit coming together after years of being both physically and emotionally distant. 


Balanced on a razor’s edge of affection and aggression, this studied cleverness is what allows them to continue to communicate with one another. But, years of deep seeded animosity and resentment are about to come to the surface as Brooke Wyeth (Deana Duncan) forces everyone to face reality… her reality. Niceties are put aside as they finally reveal themselves, their secrets.

I was allowed to click away during rehearsal. The only thing that bothered me (and I’m sure the actors as well) was the click, click, click interrupting the completely compelling story that was being played out on stage.