565 Camano Avenue
PO Box 52
Langley, WA 98260

P:  360.221.8262
F:  360.221.5812

box office

P:  360.221.8268 or


Staff Directory


     Verna Everitt, Executive Director

Deana Duncan, Artistic Director

     Tristan A.B. Steel, Development Director

     Fritha Strand, Marketing Director

     Maureen Belle, Administrative Manager

Stacie Johnson, Bookkeeper

     Tyler Raymond, Technical Director 

     David Gignac, Technical & Production Assistant 

     Wendy Ashford, Production Assistant

House managers

     Karen McInerney, Lead House Manager

     Mark Hertica, House Manager

     Shirley McClure, House Manager

     Joe Elwell,  House Manager

Box Office

James Rhodes

     Kimberly Cerra

     Dayle Gray

Noelle Weiner


     Jennifer Brenner, Housekeeping


Contact Us

If you would like to contact individual members of the staff, please call the main office or email them using firstname "dot" lastname at wicaonline "dot" org.

For general inquiries, please use this form and one of the staff will respond as soon as possible. 

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