Your pot is (still) growing!

Here at WICA, we have a big big pot of money waiting to be won by a lucky community member... and it keeps on growing!


Here's how it works: 

We have 2500 raffle tickets for sale at $10 each. The more tickets we sell, the bigger the pot gets! When the time comes (June 21) the winning raffle ticket will split the pot with WICA! (That's where the "50/50" comes from.)

Now, if you're a math person, you've probably been doing a few calculations, but we'll go ahead and spell it out...

2500 x $10 = $25,000

And what's half of $25,000? ... $12,500!

That means, if we sell all these tickets, you could win $12,500 at the end of June (and WICA gets $12,500, helping us continue to bring you great programming throughout the year).

The more we sell, the more you win! And funny you should ask... yes, you CAN buy more than one ticket; you can buy as many as you like.

**Current Winnings: $2265
Current Total Pot: $4530
Current Odds: 1/453
(As of Friday, June 5)**

Tickets can be purchased in the WICA Administrative Office, Monday through Friday 9-5pm or in the lobby before performances and during intermission through June 21.
The raffle winner will be announced during the closing night of "Our Town" on June 21, 2014
Need not be present to win.
No limit on quantity of tickets purchased.

Any questions? Call us up at 360.221.8262 (that's the admin line) or email us at info@wicaonline.org