Our Town hits home

by Deana Duncan

Producers are lucky people, we get this opportunity to participate in artist process again and again and again. On Saturday I had the joy of watching the first full run of Our Town and as I listened to Jim Scullin welcome us to Grover's Corners all I could really see is...well…our town here on South Whidbey. He spoke of churches, and houses, and gardens, and town hall and the schools and I remembered my own children running up down this area growing up and moving on and it dawned on me again how wonderful this play is.  It’s populated with 26 amazing actors bringing us story after story that we will laugh, cry, chuckle, and shake our heads at.  There are lines that brought me to tears, and gestures that took my breath away. If you’ve seen it before, you know it’s a powerful American Classic and if you've never seen it…well you know what, if you've never seen Our Town you need to see it now.

If money is an issue call us, we’ll get you in. This play at this time is a gift from and to our community; thank you Tim Rarick and your wonderful team. Can’t wait for opening night!


Deana Duncan is a theatre producer, director, actress, and writer with a background in Non-profit leadership. She lives in Langley and is WICA's Production & Programming Director.