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Art Talks: Jackson Pollock

Pollock, a Wyoming native, sought to capture the breadth of the western landscape on his canvases. Marriage to artist Lee Krasner, and financial support from heiress Peggy Guggenheim, allowed him to develop his breakthrough drip paintings and become the most (in)famous painter in America. Presented by Rebecca Albiani.

Jan 22, 2020 | 11:00am | $15 | reg. $18

Art Talks: Mark Rothko

Russian-born Rothko (Marcus Rothkowitz) was fascinated by myth and surrealism and wished his work to be spiritually expressive. Never before, or since, has an artist so blatantly disregarded the rules of art with such fantastic results. His life and work continues to inspire and embolden young artists all over the world. Presented by Rebecca Albiani.

Feb 19, 2020 | 11:00am | $15 | reg. $18

Art Talks: Willem de Kooning

De Kooning fused abstraction, figuration, and landscapes in various ways throughout the many decades of his career, and his unceasing journey to find new forms and subjects made his overall output more eclectic than most of his colleagues. He is probably best known for his series of aggressively painted figural works, commonly known as the “Women” paintings. Presented by Rebecca Albiani.

May 06, 2020 | 11:00am | $15 | reg. $18

Peggy Guggenheim: Confessions of an Art Addict

Art historian Rebecca Albiani plays the flamboyant Peggy Guggenheim in this wickedly funny (and incredibly popular) lecture. Guggenheim was a patron of the arts extraordinaire who transformed a modest fortune and impeccable taste into one of the premiere art collections of the 20th century. During her career, she collected artists, lovers, and husbands; and occasionally all three at the same time.

May 22, 2020 | 7:30pm | $18 | reg. $22



Atomic Bombshell Burlesque Dance Spectacular

The Atomic Bombshells, Seattle’s polished and perfectly-choreographed professional burlesque troupe, seamlessly integrate the worlds of burlesque, drag, dance, and theater with good humor and classic style. This is no send-up; it’s the real thing! The boisterous Bombshells have been instrumental in Seattle's burlesque revival, so for lovers of feathery, busty, and glitzy fun, there's no better spectacle to attend.

 Nov 01, 2019 | $35 Premium Seat | reg. $40

A Conversation on the State of American Politics with Lynne Olson

Lynne Olson is a New York Times bestselling author of books of history. Before becoming an author, she worked as a journalist, first with the Associated Press as a national feature writer in New York, a foreign correspondent in AP’s Moscow bureau, and a political reporter in Washington. She left the AP to join the Washington bureau of the Baltimore Sun, where she covered national politics and eventually the White House.

Nov 08, 2019  | $25 | reg. $30

A Conversation on the State of American Politics with Joan Biskupic

Joan Biskupic, legal affairs analyst for CNN, is one of the nation’s leading journalistic experts on the Supreme Court. In addition to covering the Court for the Washington Post and USA Today for two decades, she also is the author of four books on the Court, including biographies of Chief Justices Roberts, Sotomayor, Scalia, and Day O’Connor. She was a 2015 Pulitzer Prize finalist for her work in explanatory journalism.

Jan 11, 2020  | $25 | reg. $30

A Conversation on the State of American Politics with Norman Pearlstine

Norman Pearlstine is Executive Editor of the Los Angeles Times. Before joining The Times in 2018, he worked as an editor and reporter for five decades in the US, Asia, and Europe. Pearlstine is the author of “Off the Record: The Press, the Government, and the War over Anonymous Sources.”

May 16, 2020 | $25 | reg. $30

Special thanks to Robert Merry for introducing our community to these outstanding voices in America politics!


An Evening with George Winston

George Winston returns to Whidbey Island to play old favorites and new music recorded in early 2019. Winston, a self-described "rural folk piano" player, was among the earliest and most successful proponents of the Contemporary Instrumental genre (later dubbed New Age) and has inspired fans and musicians with his solo acoustic piano songs for over 40 years.

Sep 25, 2019 | $40 Premium (keyboard view) Seat | reg. $50

Che Apalache

What began as a bluegrass band formed by an American music teacher and three of his Argentinian students has evolved into the new musical genre “Latingrass”: the fusion of Latin American and Appalachian music. The ensemble covers everything from Bach to nursery rhymes, puts a wicked spin on “The Ballad of Jed Clampett,” plays Latino folk songs as if they were bluegrass, and brings down houses with their politically charged and gospel-styled “The Wall.”

Oct 16, 2019 | $18 | reg. $22

Portland Taiko

“Taiko,” a traditional Japanese drumming style, is rooted in ancient warfare, court music, and religious pageantry. Taiko, as it is performed today, is credited to a Japanese jazz drummer who discovered an old piece of taiko music in the 1950s. Portland Taiko, formed by Japanese American activists, infuses the old and new traditions of taiko drumming with the spirit and passion of Asian American identity and experience.

Apr 26, 2020 | $18 | reg. $22



Sex is an infamous play written by and starring the budding starlet Mae West in the 1920s. Proudly feminist in its subtext, the play enjoyed a successful run on Broadway until it was deemed by a grand jury to be such “obscene, indecent, immoral, and impure drama” that it might corrupt “the morals of youth.” West was sentenced to 10 days in jail for obscenity, and traveled there in style – garlanded in roses, wearing silk underwear, and riding in a limousine.

Written by Mae West, music by Cole Porter, adapted and directed by Edward Jordan.

Oct 11-26, 2019 | $20 | reg. $24, $22 senior

It’s A Wonderful Life

The beloved holiday film comes to life as a 1940’s radio broadcast in the world premiere of a new adaptation by David Ossman.

Directed by David Ossman and Judith Walcutt.

Dec 06-21, 2019 | $20 | reg. $24, $22 senior


This taut and visceral two-hander features artist Mark Rothko at the height of his career. Viewed through the lens of his youthful new assistant, we witness Rothko at the pinnacle of his creativity, but struggling through the creation of a series of large paintings. As Rothko and his helper paint, they challenge each other to ask big questions about art: what it takes to create it and what its role should be in the world. Set in the 1950s, and based on a series of real events, Red takes a compelling look at the ever-changing relationship between an artist and his creations. WICA’s 100th Theatre Series production.

Written by John Logan, directed by Vito Zingarelli.

Feb 07-22, 2020 | $20 | reg. $24, $22 senior

A Doll’s House

This controversial masterpiece about Nora and Torvald Helmer's fragile marriage was a watershed moment in both theatre and feminism. As Christmas Eve approaches and purse strings tighten; the Helmer's discover that the facade of their perfect lives is beginning to crack. Nora has a secret and what begins as an exquisite family drama quickly reveals itself to be a life-or-death thriller with no clear villains or means of escape.

Written by Henrik Ibsen.

Apr 10-25, 2020 | $20 | reg. $24, $22 senior

A Doll’s House, Part 2

Fifteen years have passed between a door slam in Ibsen’s classic and a “knock-knock” that begins Part 2. What follows are 90 deft, devastating minutes that connect the past and present and shine a light on how we seem to be going backwards in our thinking about women’s rights, identities, ownership of bodies, and gender roles.

Written by Lucas Hnath.

Jun 12-27, 2020 | $20 | reg. $24, $22 senior


The Master of Suspense: The Films of Alfred Hitchcock

A three-day celebration of the stylish, wickedly funny, and macabre world of Alfred Hitchcock featuring favorites such as Rear Window, Rebecca, Shadow of a Doubt, Vertigo, and North by Northwest; Film School: Strangers on a Train (lecture and screening); a ShortsFest competition; guest speakers; special events; and a pass holders-only “Secret Screening.”

Jan 17-19, 2020 | Premium Pass $109 (reg. $130) | Full Series Pass $97 (reg. $115)