The 3rd Annual One-Act Fest Northwest:

This season, we explore the realities we create and how they collide. Go to our SCHEDULE to learn more. 

What happens when truth meets... other truth?  (Timely, we think.)  In fine Fest fashion, the results can be poignant, wacky, heartbreaking, thrilling... always fascinating.

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2017 is new and waiting for you!

2017 is new and waiting for you!

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June 9th - 24th, 2017
Fridays & Saturdays @ 7:30 / Sundays @ 2:00
Note: No Sunday performance June 25)

Join host David Mayer

Join host David Mayer





Master directors from your own backyard...

                                   ... bring you some of their favorite tales.

·         Dr. Fritz or: The Forces of Light, by David Ives – directed by Elizabeth Herbert
          A souvenir salesman sets up a second business as a doctor.  Or is it the other way round?   Is the good doctor a snake oil salesman or a guide to the other side? Get your very own souvenir of the surreal.      

·         Trifles, by Susan Glaspell – directed by Phil Jordan
          A murder investigation reveals the hidden lives of a farmhouse wife and her silent spouse. Some things are not to be trifled with.

·        The Final Interrogation of Ceausescu’s Dog, by Warren Leight – directed by Phil Jordan
           A revolutionary seeks justice from the dog of a deposed tyrant, but this dog is not man's best friend. 

·         Lives of the Saints, by David Ives – directed by Gail Liston
          Two old church ladies cook up a funeral feast, but neither can guess who's actually coming for dinner.  An old-style radio sound effects team adds spice to this not-so-solemn concoction!

·         Rosa’s Eulogy, by Richard Strand – directed by Phil Jordan
          A strong woman finds the lengths to which her tolerance of all God’s creatures will reach.

·         Post-its® (Notes on a Marriage), by Paul Dooley, Winnie Holzman - directed by Laura Berkley Boram
         This homage to Love Letters explores the moving and hilarious ups and downs of a life together.

spotlight: local women playwrights and directors!

Tuesday, June 13 & Wednesday, June 14 @ 7:30
on the Mainstage
With post-show discussion moderated by Shelley Hartle.

·         The Oyster, by Aleah Stacey – directed by Aleah Stacey
          Questions about sex, love, and intimacy arise as two women who have been watching each other finally meet. Welcome to the Hotel Red.
          See the mentorship program in action, as Ms. Stacey, a talent you know from our very stage, gets into the director's chair for her own piece, under the guidance of Shelley Hartle.

·         An Interview with Krump’s Cat, by Dianna MacLeod – directed by Elizabeth Herbert
     What happens when a pampered orange cat meets a truth-seeking cleaning lady at the top of Krump Tower?  Hedgebrook alumnae and Whidbey Life Magazine editor Dianna MacLeod presents a fiendishly feline perspective on politics.

Work-Shopped World Premier

Wednesday, June 14 & Wednesday, June 21 @ 2:00 in Zech Hall

Teresa tn.png

·         Schools of Thought, a workshop-to-performance piece, by Teresa McElhinny – directed by Teresa McElhinny
              Is point of view something we shop for...or intrinsic to our being? With so many philosophies competing for our allegiance, how do we choose where we belong?  Teresa McElhinny crafts a piece inspired by seniors carrying lifetimes of experience with shifting points of view.
          Fresh off her turn on the boards in WICA's Macbeth, Teresa McElhinny takes her new piece through the rigors of crafting her one-act play for performance by working it with actors and mentors. Once ready to wow a larger audience, she offers it to you. Don't miss the birth of new theatre.  


$10 per class, or just $25 for three!  Pre-registration required.  Everyone taking a class will receive a coupon for $10 off tickets to the weekend shows of One-Act Fest NW! (Limit one per person.)  
Download and fill out the Class Registration form.  Then Email to:
Phone and snail-mail methods available on the form.

Introduction to Acting, with Gail Liston, Monday, June 19 @ 7 pm
Langley legend Gail Liston has brought countless characters to life.  Now she is your guide.
This course is an introduction to the art of acting, for beginners or those returning to theatre after a long absence.  We will explore basic acting techniques through a series of fun, easy exercises.  Learn how to relax and effectively use your voice and body to convey character, intention and emotion.  We will explore both text and subtext, sensory awareness, and playing off a partner, all in a welcoming environment.  If you have ever wanted to get onstage, or get back into theatre, this is the class for you.

Introduction to Directing, with Phil Jordan, Tuesday, June 20 @ 7 pm
From WICA's accomplished director of hits such as Dead Man's Cell Phone and Fest charmers Light and Winter Game, learn the multi-tiered thought process, planning and preparation that go into mounting a production from the director's seat. 
Everyone who has ever seen or been in a play has at one time thought, "I would have done that differently!"  This course is your chance to enter the world of the director and learn how decisions get made.  We will explore how the director creates a vision for a play and how s/he works with designers, technicians and actors to bring that vision to life.  We will talk about how to run a rehearsal and how to create an atmosphere that encourages creativity.

Costuming for the Theater, with Mira

Costuming for Community Theater, with Mira Steinbrecher and friends, Wednesday, June 21 @ 7pm

Mira Steinbrecher has costumed many of your favorite WICA productions. She brings you her keen eye, overflowing base of knowledge, and the how-to's to turn design passion and vision into reality.
See what goes on behind the scenes before fairytale characters magically appear or a Victorian lady walks very properly onto the stage.  Learn how to create theatre magic from costume stock, thrift store clothing, "retired" shower curtains and leftover bits.


The three-hour class will introduce you to:

  • Costume Design
  • Costume construction
  • Costume fitting and adaptation
  • Millinery and accessories
  • Wigs, hair and makeup
  • Basic costume shop tools and skills

Actor/Designer/Technician HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE (Strike) (Sunday, June 25, 10:00 am)
OK, sure, we need help taking everything down when the event is over.  But for those of you who want a close-up look behind the curtain, and don't mind a little work, this is a fantastic chance see otherwise off-limits portions of the facility and processes that make a night of laughs and tears possible. For the artist, commitment is full-hearted. Everyone, from actor to director, participates as a family, saying farewell to boards one last time, and caring for the stage and backstage so that the next lucky crew will get a fresh home to begin the next chapter. Join us, and you'll quickly realize, amongst the hammers, drills, lifting and cleaning, it's actually a pretty cool way to say goodbye.  Contact us at

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One-Act Fest NW: who We Are

One-Act Fest NW is Langley's most interactive opportunity for those who love theater and those newly curious.  We offer a wide variety of bite-sized shows, multiple formats and times, and expanded opportunities to join in.  We seek diverse themes, opinions and participants, so if you have an idea you'd like to see explored, contact us at  Want to help?  We're at

See this year's full slate of offerings on our SCHEDULE.

WICA is committed to giving you a unique theatre experience, and the Fest is a big part of that.  We hope to pleasantly surprise our beloved long-time patrons and bring in a new generation of fans and artists.  Take a look around our site and get into the fun! 

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