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You Want a Happy Ending - Piano Concert with Cleedys Roohooff

Cleedys Roohoff uses the piano to study communication and language development.  For 30 years he has actively sequestered himself from the rules and influences that dictate music education, honing a process and style that is idiosyncratic.  “I’m not opposed to any type of music, but I’m compelled to understand forms that develop at the periphery.”

While jazz improvisation is a comparison that is often made, Roohoff’s work is perhaps more akin to slam poetry.  “I love precision, though just as much I look for raw emotion.”  The start of a work is unknown until begins.  One note played creates the need for the next.  The work unfolds in a different way with each sitting, sometimes in ways that even Roohoff cannot predict.

6:30PM doors open for Piano Bar
$18 Adult, $10 Senior/Military/Youth – Zech Hall