Notes from Last Night's Audition Workshop

WICA hosted our 14th annual Audition Workshop last night taught by Andrew Grenier.

We've compiled the 'take away" notes and hope you'll enjoy reading them as we consider an ongoing "What are You Working On" workshop for actors.

WICA Season Auditions are next week, please call or write to sign up. We'd love to see you!

Big thank YOU to Andy for a great class!

Whidbey Island Center for the Arts

Audition Workshop with Andrew Grenier, August 6, 2014 at 7pm

Take Aways:

Andy was very clear that these are his ideas, what works for him and by no means the absolute truth for everyone. He encouraged all actors to read more plays, read a few Auditioning books and audition audition audition. Strong encouragement to always “keep a few pieces in your pocket” so we dont freak out when auditions come up…reminding us that “we are what we do not what we say.”

He is looking for:

        Show me a skill set that makes me want to work with you.

        Dont put barriers in your way, on Whidbey Island if you need to hold your monologue because the memorization isnt all there, hold the monologue. Help yourself.

        Be present, honest dont try to convince the director, just show

        Dont defuse your energy, no pacing, unnecessary placement of furniture. Own the space

        Choose material in your range, choose strong plays from great playwrights. (Help yourself )

        Choose pieces that give you something to DO

        Choose a piece that tells a story, has a beginning, a middle and an end. Read the play, know what has happened before and after what youve just done

        Do not choose a piece from the play you are auditioning for.

        Do not use pieces these directors have seen you do before, get new work!

        Stay on time, you will be stopped and its horrible

        Pay close attention to that audition sheet, dont be cute on it, dont skip anything, give them as much information as you can. Be honest about conflicts.

        Always slate give your name and the name of the material including playwright (know the playwright!)

        Understand the space, DC is strongest but you can introduce and then move into that space as a way to show body awareness.

        Remember you are auditioning from the moment you walk in the theatre

After an audition answer for yourself:

        What did you like about what just happened

        What would you do differently

        Do you want feedback-okay to reach out and ask for that but not in a negative way like, I was great, why didnt you cast me?


Question and answers:

“What mistakes have you seen”  - Andy talked a bit about the occasional presumptuousness of actors; that we know the directors and each other, and rely on that rather than our skills. Hed like to see all of us us come in more professionally. No bullshit. Pay attention to the items mentioned above. Breathe, ground yourself, own the space. Say thank you.

Dressing for Auditions:  Think about the character but dont come in full costume, can always dress towards the character to help the director and yourself.

Accents: Best left for callbacks and individual conversations with director. Just showcase YOU

How to prep: Consider beginning a local “What are you Working On Workshop” keep everybody fresh. Pick a piece that shows off YOU,  practice, rehearse, be confident


Download the PDF version of these notes here.

'A Christmas Story' Youth Auditions

WICA announces youth auditions for 'A Christmas Story'

Seeking boys and girls ages 6-12

WICA will be hosting auditions for all children’s roles for the December 2014 production of A Christmas Story by Jean Shepherd, adapted by Philip Grecian.

 Auditions will be held August 7 & 8 and August 18 & 19 starting at 4pm. Auditions are by appointment only. To schedule a time, contact Deana Duncan at (360)-221-8276 or

The young actors chosen must be available for all rehearsals and performances. Children’s rehearsals will be after school on weekdays and/or a few weeknight rehearsals during 1st month. Performance schedules include both matinee and evening performances. A Christmas Story rehearsals begin the week of October 13. The show runs December  5-20, 2014.


“A Christmas Story” ROLES TO BE CAST:

Ralphie Parker: male age 9-12, lead boy who is often teased by bullies.

Randy Parker: male, age 6-10, Ralphie’s little brother, adorable

Flick: male age 9-12, Ralphie’s friend., also plays Desperado One

Schwartz: male age 9-12, Ralphie’s friend, also plays Desperado Two

Esther Jane Alberry: female age 9-12, Ralphie’s classmate.

Helen Weathers: female age 9-12, Ralphie’s classmate.

Scut Farkas: male 9-12, bully. Also plays Black Bart. 

Auditions: Into the Woods

WICA Announces Early Auditions for Stephen Sondheim’s musical masterpiece Into the Woods, directed by Rob Prosch.

Auditions will be held June 23 from 6-9pm, with callbacks on the 24th.

Download a copy of Roles, Age Ranges, and Descriptions Here.

This Tony Award-winning musical hit Broadway with an epic fairytale where familiar worlds collide. James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim take everyone's favorite storybook characters and bring them together for a timeless, yet relevant and compelling original story of relationships, decisions, and resulting consequences of "happily ever after."

Into the Woods will open WICA’s 2014-2015 Theatre Series October 10-25, 2014.

Those wishing to audition should be prepared with a song by Sondheim (16 - 24 bars, any show/style, does not need to be memorized, accompanist provided) and a contrasting monologue. Audition slots are 5 minutes each.

Please contact WICA Admin at 360.221.8262 to secure a 5-minute audition slot on Monday, June 23rd starting at 6pm.

*Update: This audition is suitable for ages 14 and up with a wide variety of available roles.

Download a copy of Roles, Age Ranges, and Descriptions Here.